Get iN With The N-Crowd!


If you believe a better future is possible - Join The Crowd !
We are looking for partners and sponsors for a new, online social initiative, called N-Crowd - a "by the people, for the people", crowdsourcing platform to improve global government.

N-Crowd ~ A Platform For Progress
N-Crowd ~ Social Networking With Purpose
N-Crowd ~ Crowdsourced Global Democracy / Net Democracy
 (also known as E-Democracy, Digital Democracy or Internet Democracy)  

The N- prefix can mean many things, depending on the primary context:
 N = Now  ~   We Need Change - And We Need It Now. 
 Now is the time for all good people to come to the aid of the planet!
 N-Generation ~  People Who Get the Net!  Millennials and other “digital natives”  
 N= Net Generation 
 N= Now Generation
 N= Next Generation 
 N= NinetyNine Percent - of the people on the planet that are currently gettting the short end of the stick, due to not having a meaningful voice in their own affairs...
Scope / Math
N=Any Number
 Any Number of Crowds ~ Discussions and "crowd-based solutions" about life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
 Any Number of Communities, Interest Groups, Forums, Debates, Polls and Surveys, Opinions etc.
 Any Number of Topics / Issues + Any Number of Solutions to complex Problems. ~ Social, Environmental, Political, Economic, Local, Global, 
Ratings  / Polls, etc)
N = Number ~ N Represents Crowd Size in Polls (Reddit-like positioning of Polls based on Crowd Size) 
Goals, Issues (Reddit-like positioning of News articles and Discussions  based on number of likes) 
"N" can also represent: 
N= News - Crowdsourcing "Real" News  
N= Neighbors - creating communities for pursuing common goals
N= Need
N= Nature
N= Nuture
N= Nuclear
N= Normal / Normality 
N= Net Neutrality - Let's guarentee the future of the Net
N= No - for the Anti crowd - stuff that needs to be stopped or eradicated
N= Non-Aligned -- "Peace can not be achieved with separation, but the aspiration towards collective security in global terms and expansion of freedom, as well as terminating the domination of one country over another"
N= Non-Partisan
N= Non-Profit
N= Non-Violent
N-Crowd offers an evolving integration of progressive grassroots movements and innovative new technologies, including features from popular Social media systems, including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Reddit, Polling & Survey tools, and much more.
We're still in the planning stages of this new venture but expect to be able to ramp up our initial presence quickly by working with existing open-source applications and their developers, as well as partnering with other skilled individuals that can contribute their time and/or other resources in return for long-term involvement with what we expect to be a very exciting and ultimately highly successful endeavor.
If you are interested in getting involved with the development and/or promotion of the above project, please Contact us, and we would be happy to discuss ways of collaborating and joining forces. You can also connect on Skype at "N-Crowd"