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The ℕ-Crowd Meta-Project

The ℕ-Crowd™ ~ Social Business Network

Get i with the -Crowd!
If you've ever wanted to make a positive difference in the world - Join The Crowd!
The ℕ-Crowd is a new "Next Net" project, focused on creating a group of highly specialized “Information Services” that large numbers of both businesses and individuals use on a frequent basis. These specialized and multi-faceted services will be seamlessly integrated and delivered from a series of themed domains, including:
  • ~ The "Next Net" Marketplace.
    What's Now, What's New, What's Next ~ Featuring a variety of CrowdSourcing and Collaboration related Social Networking services focused on the New Economy.
  • ~ The "New Commons" Community ~ Social Networking with a Purpose!
    The N-Crowd™ Network will be focused on integrating and delivering key aspects of the "Next Net" in order to help people create Needed Change Now!
    Featuring Discussions and Crowd-based Solutions about Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.
  • ~ Cloud Services Marketplace.
    Secure Internet-based Drive-Space, File Sharing and Online Backup Services, etc.
    Strategic partnering and leveraging existing services will allow the initial presence to be setup relatively quickly, and will ensure our core capabilities are able to scale effectively.
  • ~ News-Wire Services.
    Press Releases, Community Funded Reporting, Blogging/Micro-Blogging and various other types of online News services will be the primary focus of the site.
  • ~ The Next Net's Online-Advertising Marketplace.
    Free as well as paid / commercial advertising will be offered.
  • ~ The Next Net's "IT Solutions" Marketplace.
    Much of our initial N-Crowd Community platform’s core functionality can be adopted to facilitate the initial infrastructure for this potentially large and relatively complex IT Solutions website.
  • ~ The Humor-oriented Social Networking site.
    It’s all N-Fun ~ From Jokes to humorous Videos and beyond.
    Games, Toys, and related items may also be marketed from this cool "CrowdFUNing" site.
  • ~ The B-Corporation / Triple-Bottom-Line Marketplace.
    Help Support Companies that Support People and the Planet!
  • IS-Smart ~ The "Smart Internet & Integration Services" Marketplace.
    The objective is to create a highly functional 24/7 virtual workforce that can work as a flexible team within a cooperative structure, and ultimately create an innovative Virtual Corporation that provides talented individuals with a variety of interesting jobs, and corporate clients with high quality and cost effective IT Services.
  • ~ a next-generation Digital Currency enabled Marketplace platform. (Initial prototype service now available for demonstration)  
    CrowdFunding and CrowdSourcing will be key themes, with micro-lending and other initiatives focused on assisting small and independent businesses.
    (Each of the above domains will be Digital Currency enabled through this central payment platform, which is currently under active development.)
We expect the above domains (as well as other potential specialized sites) to be independently developed as opportunities arise, with each individual site sharing pieces of a common infrastructure and providing independent profit-centers within the new digital economy. Each portal will be owned and operated collectively by the individuals who participate in creating, managing and promoting these new sites.

We're still in the planning stages of this new venture but expect to be able to ramp up our initial presence quickly by working with existing open-source applications and their developers, as well as partnering with other skilled individuals that can contribute their time and/or other resources in return for long-term involvement with what we expect to be a very exciting and ultimately highly successful endeavor.

If you are interested in getting involved with the development and/or promotion of one or more of the above projects, please Contact us, and we would be happy to discuss ways of collaborating and joining forces.