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Welcome to the N-Crowd™

The N-Crowd project is intended to create a dynamic community of talented designers, developers, investors and entrepreneurs that can work together to accomplish great things.

The Revolution is Now!

The advent of the Internet has enabled the concept of a "Virtual Corporation" that virtually anyone, anywhere can now be part of. Talented individuals from around the globe can combine their skills to facilitate a wide variety of specialized services, which can be employed in order to service the needs of various projects and client organizations around the globe. 

Activities that  "N-Crowders" pursue can be either "For Fun", and/or "For Profit", as a Learning Experience, or perhaps just to give something of value back to your community -- so just about anybody can benefit by being a part of an N-Crowd Team.

So - Are You "HIP" enough to be part of the N-Crowd?
("H.I.P." = Honesty, Integrity & Passion)

If so, then Join us in creating an exciting and potentially profitable group of Internet-based Communities. Our objective is to create a highly functional 24/7 virtual workforce that can operate as a flexible team within a cooperative structure, and ultimately create a sustainable "Virtual Corporation" that will provide talented individuals with a variety of interesting jobs and our corporate clients with high quality, cost effective business solutions.

Mission Statement: Our Mission is to provide a global community that fosters innovation and cooperation among members in order to deliver exceptional services to clients worldwide. Our goal is to create a variety of innovative solutions for social, economic, and humanitarian challenges, by offering a platform for collaboration and cooperation among our members. See the N-Crowd Project for details.

Help us unleash the collective genius of the Crowd!

We can all achieve a higher level of success through focused Networking, Collaboration and Cooperation!

If you are interested in getting involved with the N-Crowd project, then please feel free to Contact us.

And please bear with us while we build our new website...  We hope to be going live with our new site soon.